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Why do you need my new Professional Photography manual?

It will show you how to make your photography pay. It will help you to become a successful pro photographer.

My manual contains detailed info about all the important aspects of running a photography business. And, far more importantly, it will tell you how to make a success of your business and will help you to avoid making the timewasting and expensive mistakes that I made.
It has more than 32,800 words on 96 A4 pages, and I'm selling it for a fraction of its true value - but what you really want to know is what it will do for you.... I'm a successful professional photographer, and my manual is bang up to date, which means that I assume that you'll be making the most of new technology, and it means too that I know how to make money in today's market conditions, with 'competition' from people who are happy to work for very little. Although I'm successful now, I've made a lot of mistakes in the past and some of these mistakes have cost me a lot of money. This manual will let you learn from my mistakes instead of making your own, it will tell you what works, what doesn't and why, and it will save you a serious amount of money!

My manual concentrates on the types of photography that are worth doing professionally.
I tell you how to get the business, how to market yourself, how and where to advertise, how to produce a website that brings in business, how to get the best deals from your suppliers, how to avoid being scammed, how to keep your clients coming back for more, how to make sure you get paid, etc etc - what I won't do, for example, is to waste your time telling you that you can make a fortune as a fashion or travel photographer, or that most photographers can make money by getting photos printed on to coffee mugs and Tee shirts, as some other books do!
Everything that's worth knowing is explained in detail

No, of course it won't - it may be the best book available but it's just a book, and you'll only get the full benefits if you combine my knowledge & experience with your own effort and commitment!
It will show you how to earn honest money from honest work. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme
How much is the new Professional Photography Manual?  
It sounds expensive but it isn't. It's only £19.95!

All this information is available to you for just a tiny fraction of what you can expect to earn from its contents. You can download the manual right now as a pdf file, and start using it instantly, because it will be delivered immediately by pdf file download.
And that's not all - you'll get free, full support by email with no time limits!
O.K - Sounds good, but here's an important question...Why should you buy my book when there are others to choose from, all at about the same price? Here are some other questions you can ask yourself...
  • Are any of the other publishers successful practising professional photographers, or are they just people trying to make money by writing an e-book based on nothing more than research and outdated secondhand information?
  • Have they written any technical articles or books on photography, to prove their credentials?Are they respected members of the professional photographic community? Come to that, has anyone in the professional photographic community even heard of them?
  • Are their books written for the British market, or do they think that professional photography is the same the world over?
You decide!

Well, I think it's a wonderful investment and that you should get it right now - but what do other people say about The Professional Photography Manual?  

"It is rare for me to write an endorsement for something. In fact I cannot remember doing it before, so I must feel that this is different for me to want to put my name to it.I have seen a number of books before that tell you anyone can be a professional photographer, all you need to do is x, y, z. All that happens is that after buying the book you are really none the wiser and a few pounds out of pocket. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of these books are not written by professional photographers. They are written by professional writers rather than photographers.That is one of the many factors that make this book different. It is written by a professional photographer of many years standing. He is able to write from a position of experience. The book makes a number of invaluable suggestions about how to go about finding work and how to best spend a limited marketing budget. It goes in to depth in many areas. For example how to put together a mailshot and who to send it to. It discusses different markets, naming the ones where you are most likely to find success and others that are much harder to crack.It doesn't stop there though. It walks you by the hand through how to structure your business and other key areas such as the potential minefield of copyright.The book doesn't use fancy language to dress up the subject. It is an easy read. It is around 80 pages of common sense and hard earned knowledge." - Andy Needham, owner of www.photographers.co.uk

"Thanks Garry for all your help and I just want to say that your book is a real cracker, well worth the money. You can quote me". - D.B

"When I got your book nearly 3 months ago I was sceptical because it says the opposite to everyone else, but you are 100% right and now I am making money for the first time. Just wish I had found it before" - H.C. Clarke

I recently spent the best part of £300 for a ‘Photography Business Course’ from a company in Australia. It was mainly to do with marketing but had various other bits and bobs in with it. Have I read it? No. I’ve picked my way through some of it and it didn’t motivate me at all. When I downloaded yours, I did so with some cynicism – but I was wrong. They are excellent. Straightforward and easy to understand and I certainly feel motivated. - Jayne Bargent

Dear Garry,I bought your complete set of tutorials last night

Yes, that's right.. I bought it around 4 hours ago, and i'm still here reading it at 12.45am. I can't drag myself away from the PC as I now have the information I have been needing for such a long time, and it's shaping up to be one of the best investments I've made. I haven't got past the business side of things, never mind the actual techniques!

Yours Sincerely,
Scott Wright.

Hello Garry,
I have looked at your manuals on line before, then followed the link from Photographers.co.uk and decided to invest in the professional photography manual which I downloaded this morning.
It is the most useful, waffleless, direct, sensible document about photography businesses that I have read - I have already picked up some valuable advice, and it also persuaded me that I do need to do some of the things I didn't want to - web site design being the main one, having waited several weeks for my webbers to change the main items on our website, the ones I can't change of course.
Lots of other things struck me and having read it through once, I can now sit down and carefully go through and mark the things to do straight away, things to do soon and things we don't need to do (nor will be able to as we are at the moment, which is fine)
So, thank you. I would like to meet you in the flesh as it were, and sometime, when I'm back in Bradford, we might try ringing and toddle over to meet you.
Thank you again
Sue Leedale


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It's a good offer, but here's an even better one... I have a range of tutorials on specific photography subjects and you can get the complete set (including The Professional Photography Manual) for just £39.95 - a saving of over £30 on the cost of buying them individually

This is what you'll get...

  • Wedding photography - the practical 'how to' side AND the business side - 66 A4 pages, 70 photos and 17,700 words.
  • Portrait photography - how to get modern, creative portraits and bring out the best in people - 51 A4 pages, 45 photos and 17,100 words.
  • Glamour photography - it's easier than you think, once you know how - 52 A4 pages, 67 photos and 15,600 words.
  • Still Life photography - there's loads of money in still life photography but even if you don't want the money you'll want to learn the lighting secrets - 63 A4 pages, 80 photos and 17,300 words.
  • Artistic Nude photography - want to do really artistic shots? Don't have any lighting gear? This is the one for you! - 35 A4 pages, 53 photos and 8,700 words.
  • Model Portfolio photography - shows you how to turn out top quality portfolios for models - 46 A4 pages, 65 photos and 14,900 words.
  • Studio Equipment & Lighting - gives you the low-down on lighting and other studio gear - what you need, what you don't need - it will save you serious money! - 54 A4 pages, 47 photos and 20,300 words.
  • Getting started in photograph - this is for beginners who need info on camera controls (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field and so on - 50 A4 pages, 16,290 words and 42 photos.
  • Cameras and accessories - you need this one if you're thinking about getting another camera and don't know which features really matter and which ones are just marketing hype - 61 A4 pages, 15 photos and 21,200 words.
  • Professional Photography Manual - this is the very first book ever on how to run a successful photography business written by someone who actually works as a pro photographer - 96 A4 pages
  • Killer Photos for Ebay - this is an extra FREE GIFT - It isn't available separately on my website but I'm including it in this special offer! It's about how to take product shots for Ebay and similar auction listings - basically a still life photography course for people who have a minimum of equipment and knowledge - 50 A4 pages, 61 photos and 8,300 words.

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